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Founder of 

Farms of Orcas

As I grew up I slowly started to cultivate a love for food, real food --the kind that only a  small time farmer grows. It led me down my own path of self discovery and back to a community that resonates with an amazing desire to grow locally inspired products and a life that entails creating meals richly inspired by the farm-to-table motto. As I raise my daughter, I passionately believe that life on this island is rich with the knowledge that we know how to create (grow, cook or source) from start to finish.

I started "Farms of Orcas" to help encourage our community of farmers to thrive on this incredibly resourceful island. I encourage you to join us/subscribe to hear our stories. 


Do you want to hear stories about island farm life or get updated on farms here on Orcas? Please visit our "Island Life Blog" and go through the portal that highlights true island living, how we got here and why we stayed. Subscribe HERE for stories that come right to your inbox and enrich your life with our island experiences.

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